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Included are prompts to help bring back memories about various aspects of the loved one's life and personality, blank pages for pictures and writing personal reflections, and perspectives on death and loss from various religious and secular perspectives.  The result is a journal and scrapbook recalling the life the reader/writer shared with his or her loved one that will be treasured forever.

REVIEWS FOR MEMORIES OF YOU : A Healing Journey Through the Garden of Grief

"This book helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. When all of my friends and coworkers could not understand why I wasn't over the death of grandmother (it had been two weeks) this book helped me see that we all deal with grief differently and gave me "permission" to grieve as long as I needed to. I was able to write down memories and notes that I still go back and read many times a week. I am confident this will be a book I give to my children when they are older to help them understand how much I love and miss my best friend. This is a wonderful book for your personal library as well as a great gift . Two thumbs up!!! At last a book that makes everyone's grieving
process okay.There is also a wonderful section on the steps and processes that need to be done after a person dies --wonderful reminders when you are feeling so lost and can't understand how the world is still going on when your
loved one is no longer here."

          – Rosemary Guenther

"Memories of You walks the bereaved through the painful and sometimes desperate journey after the loss of a loved one. This is not a book to read; it is a book with which to interact. Writing the details of a loved one's life creates a loving and treasured biography to which one can return again and again. The process of writing memories, shared experiences, and the pain of loss is cathartic and promotes healing as one moves through grief. Memories of You belongs in the office of every grief counselor, in the hands of anyone consoling a grieving friend, and as a loving gift to every person suffering loss. I'm delighted to have this book now; I wish it were available several years ago."

          – Alice Thieman


"I gave this to my friend when she lost her husband, and she really appreciated it. The legal information was very helpful to her."

          - Susan Lancaster



A Healing Journey Through the Garden of Grief

by William G. Ladewig, Esq & Paula vW. Dáil, PhD

Using the power of words to evoke thoughtful responses to
questions from those who have lost a loved one, the authors encourage
reflections about life, loss and healing that transform grief into enduring
memories written down in a way that becomes a treasured family heirloom as those who grieve become the biographers of their loved ones.

Thanks to the support and guidance found in this book, loved ones find a
place of acceptance and serenity, making this an important book for anyone who has lost a loved one and seeks transformational healing.